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FLATSTORE brings you a comprehensive view of new building offers in Prague and its surroundings. It lists only new apartments, houses and lands for sale, no "second hand" buildings.

The basic philosophy of is its professionality and always being up-to-date.

The services provided by are truly unique. Everyone will find what they're looking for on our site.

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User Policy of FLATSTORE.CZ





1.1          Trading company D2B GROUP a.s., Identification Number: 27901751, registered office in Prague 4, Budějovická 1667/64, 140 00, registered in   Commercial Registry maintained by the Municipal Court in   Prague, Section B, File 11896, (hereinafter referred to as "Provider") is a website service provider - of the internet server on the website, (hereinafter referred to as the "Server").


1.2          The provider is authorized under the following conditions, to offer and provide the services listed on the Server, mainly involving   sales offers and leasing of immovable property, business brokerage requests and offers related   to sale and leasing of immovable and owned property or third party product offers, and financial and other services provided and specified on the Server (hereinafter also referred to as the "Service" or "Services").


1.3.          Services of Provider consist, among other things   , of the supply and procurement of purchase of immovable property (flats, houses, commercial spaces etc.) offered on the market, especially by developers (hereinafter referred to as "Seller") and the ones advertised by the Provider on Server and furthermore of   providing other services   concerning the sale of immovable property and related financial products.  


1.4.          The user is an entity - natural or legal person - using the Server and the Services of the Provider.Relationship between the Provider   and Services User is governed by these General Terms of Use, (hereinafter also referred to as the "Terms"), which constitutes a general legal framework for the use of services by users, unless   it is expressly agreed otherwise in a specific case between the Provider and the User .



2.               USER REGISTRATION


2.1.          To use the Services, it is necessary to complete the registration process consisting of completing all the information included in the registration form or a data request form (hereinafter referred to as the "Registration Data". "Registration Process"). Registry Process on the Server is done online.By completing the registration process, the user accepts these terms unreservedly and explicitly.After the Registration Data is filled in the   registration form and the registration process is complete, the Provider will send an e-mail confirmation to the user's email address including user's credentials - username and password (hereinafter also referred to as the "Login Credentials").


2.2          By filling in the registration data in the Registration Form, the User is entitled to make full use of the Server and Services offered on it.By filling in Registration data in a particular bidding form, the User gets access to the use or disclosure of a specific Service to which the inquiry form relates.


2.3          User is obliged to provide truthful and complete information.   Otherwise, the service provider is authorized to block the User's use of the Services.


2.4          The Provider is entitled to delete the registration data or block a user's access, when he suspects that the User has provided false information.


2.5          User may not disclose Registration Data to third parties, or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Server  manipulation of Service data and use Services.In the event of such conduct, the User is fully responsible for any misuse of the Server or his Login credentials and is responsible for any damages done to the Provider.If a user loses his Login credentials, or if it gets by no fault of the user to a third person, the User shall promptly notify the Provider about this, who will invalidate the User's credentials and issue new ones.  


2.6          By completing the registration process (registration form or inquiry form) The user confirms that all Registration information given by him is true, correct and relating to the User and agrees,   that the User's personal data (registration data) will be collected by the Provider, stored or otherwise processed for re-contacting the User and any action by the Provider associated with providing Services, including the creation of commercial offers and its further processing and providing retailers of Services and for processing (possibly through a processor) for Provider's marketing purposes.By completing the registration process, the User further agrees that his provided personal information (registration data) will be collected, stored or otherwise processed for the purpose of sending (or other forms of contact, including telephone), marketing information, as well as subsequent sales offers relating to the sale of real estate, real estate services-related solutions to financing the purchase of real estate, and other services provided and offered by the Provider.


2.7          User gives his consent in accordance with the preceding paragraph in accordance with law no.101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data and amending some laws, for the Provider and its legal successor   that the Provider is entitled to give out personal information and login information to a third party for the purpose of collection, storage and other processing   in case of   transfer of the business or other mode of transfer of activities related to the Provider's  provision of the Services to a third party, and also to employed individuals and cooperating legal entities.The user grants his permission indefinitely.The user hereby acknowledges that he has the option Provider to request a correction, addition or liquidation of such data, or has the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data, when the processing of such data does not follow the law, by writing to the Provider's address.


2.8          Upon completing the registration process, the user acknowledges and agrees   that all telephone conversations with the  Provider are recorded.The user also agrees that the Provider is allowed to use this recording in connection with his activities, including the use of recordings as evidence.


2.9         By completing the registration process, the User agrees and undertakes to inform the Provider that under the Provider's Services provided, a booking and future purchase contract has been made with a  Seller of immovable property offered on the Server, (hereinafter referred to as the "Contract"), if he is asked by the provider.The user has this duty even when the Provider's Services allowed for a Contract to be made between the Seller and a person close to the user or third parties.The user agrees to provide the above information to the Provider and even when asked by the Provider via post, e-mail or phone.


2.10       If there is a change made to some Registration Data of User, the User agrees to inform the Provider about this within ten (10) working days since the day the changes occurred so the Registration Data can be corrected.



3.               USING "COOKIES"


3.1.          "Cookies" are used on the Server, so that the Provider can provide users with more comfort when browsing."Cookies" are small text files that a website creates in a user's device when he enters it.They are created because thee visited website does not have its own memory and "cookies" for example, allow the device to remember that you have already visited the page in the past and at the same time it allows among other things to also remember user settings, thanks to which the user is not forced to always log in again.


3.2.          "Cookies" are not a virus and do not pose a threat to users nor devicesThey are text files, which contain no program and thereby cannot be installed as such"Cookies" cannot reproduce themselves and distribute over the Internet .A User's internet browser sends them to a website to which it belongs every time a User visits it, and it is subsequently viewed in User's preferred settings.Provider's "cookies" are only temporary and they erase themselves from the User's device once the web browser is closed.


3.3          "Cookies" cannot be linked to a specific User."Cookies" generally assist the Provider in displaying statistics about user behavior on the Server.Thereby, the provider is able to adapt the Server to the interests and needs of users and improve and streamline the Server and offers of Service."Cookies" are used for authentication purposes of participants so it is not necessary to enter identification data when repeatedly accessing the Server."Cookies" are also used for the purposes of Server settings according to the needs of participants, eg. displaying Server in the chosen language or in a specific graphic design.


3.4          Already stored "cookies" on a User's device can be removed at any given time.Settings for this feature can be found in a Help manual of the User's internet browser.


3.5          By using server and completing the registration process, the user agrees with the use of "cookies" as described above.



4               DISCLAIMER


4.1.          Provider is not responsible for the content server.Using the server, including downloading materials or links to other websites, and use of, or reliance on content published on the server is up to the Users.Provider isn't responsible for the IDA in particular representations, conditions or guarantees regarding the availability, marketability, price, quality, competence and terms of sale on the Server   services offered, particularly immovable goods.


4.2.          Provider is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of materials and data published on the Server; for availability of the Server or its operation without disruptions or interruptions; for Server compatibility with the device or the Users' software; that server is not infected by a computer virus, Trojan horse, malware etc.


4.3.          The Provider is not responsible for damages, especially, but not exclusively, for any direct or indirect damages, losses, costs or expenses of any kind (including the costs of legal representation, the costs of expert opinion and reward expert or other costs), which can arise at the User's end, whether directly or indirectly, in   context  of accessing the Server and use of the Services or in   context   of using content or information contained on the Site.  


4.4          Provider assumes no responsibility particularly for incorrect or inaccurate information on the Site, whether they were created by a third party supplier or user or due to technical equipment or software associated or human error,that may occur in data processing, data and information being put on the Server.Furthermore, the provider is not responsible for any loss or damage done to users which could be caused by the consumption or use and experimental use of server or content published on it or as a result of any breach of the obligations regarding the protection of user logins, access data and password   User Account or any other consequence of using the Server or Services.


4.5          Provider doesn't guarantee working links (hyperlinks) and the content of the websites to which they refer. Their use, viewing and downloading is up to the user who bears full responsibility for any damage or associated losses.  


4.6          The provider reserves an unlimited right to amend, update, add and delete content on the Server.



5.               USING THE SERVER


5.1.          The User is authorized to use the Server only in accordance with these terms and conditions.The User is authorized to use the Server exclusively for non-commercial use.


5.2.          The user is not authorized in particular to: connect the Server to  other websites; copy the contents of the server for further use and disclosure; illegally break into the server, using the Server to  spread computer viruses, Trojans, malware, spam, etc., or to use it for   unlawful purposes; misrepresent or otherwise modify the content server.


5.3.          The user is not authorized in any way without the consent of the Provider to interfere with the Server source code and data from third parties (other users) stored on the server.  


5.4.          In case of breaching the terms and conditions of using the Server, the Provider is authorized to block the User's access to the server.



6.              TERMS OF F-POINT USE


6.1.          The client is not bound by the obligation to enter into a reservation contract / agreement on future contract / purchase contract for a specific property (unit), which was introduced during the initial contact, but until signing the reservation contract / preliminary contract / purchase agreement, he may change selected units or even cancel the decision to buy the property without any sanctions from the portal case of changing a selected the client receives an F-number of points that belong to finally chosen unit; In case of cancellation of interest in signing the contract by the client obtains, the client is not entitled to the addition of F-points.


6.2.          The client must substantiate his claim to adding F-points by providing a valid reservation contract / agreement on future contract / purchase agreement after being prompted by the portal .


6.3.          Portal reserves the right to modify the list of partners


6.4.          Portal reserves the right to change the number of F-points belonging to a particular unit.The number of F-points during the initial expression of interest of the client by telephone or electronic form is obligatory.


6.5.          Obtaining F-points doesn't give a User the right to payment in cash.


6.6. is not an intermediary in the exchange of gift vouchers for goods or services.


6.7. is not responsible for the goods or services.


6.8.          Terms of use of gift vouchers for individual partners may vary.


6.9. is not responsible for any changes in the conditions of use of gift vouchers at the partners.


6.10.       The client is not entitled to exchange already purchased vouchers for other vouchers.





7.1.          The rights and obligations unadjusted by these Terms are governed by the law of the Czech Republic, especially Law no.89/2012 Coll., the Civil code, as amended.


7.2.          Any Server content abuse by User that contradicts these Terms, entitles the Service Provider to damages that the User has caused by his actions.


7.3.          Provider is entitled to unilaterally alter the conditions or add anything to them.Provider will notify its User of the change made to the conditions via e-mail provided in the Registration data.In case of User's disagreement with the amendment or supplementation in conditions may reject them within 14 days after the change.A written termination must be in   that period delivered to the email address of Provider   


7.4.          By confirming these Terms and Conditions   the user agrees that the Provider is authorized to send the User information and promotional offers on services and other business activities of the Provider.


These conditions come into effect on May 1, 2015